Herpes Medication

Living with herpes is not easy for everyone. In fact, most people diagnosed with herpes in particular think they never again live happy and normal. After all, who can continue as normal when you have red, itchy and pus-filled blisters around the mouth or your genitals? Picture is made grimmer by the fact that no drug can cure herpes permanently yet you. Simply put, once you are infected with herpes, you are a carrier for the rest of your life. Fortunately, the manifestation of herpes (ugly blisters) come and go. In fact there are several companies that manage an outbreak of herpes is not yet back. Here are some herpes medication that can help you in your quest for a normal life after herpes life.

Go herbal

There are many herbal solutions that can help alleviate the plague, and the best of them could be lemon balm. Based on research and studies, lemon balm accomplishes two things. First, it reduces the inconvenience of burning and itching that accompany the blisters. Secondly, reducing the duration of the outbreak. For example, if you outbreak usually lasts for one week, the use of lemon balm are shortened by a few days. There are current studies that show how the lemon balm could potentially prevent future outbreaks. However, you must heat the herbal solutions that are expensive but effective.

Prescription from your doctor

Anti-herpes virus is probably the most common drugs prescribed for the carrier. In fact, right after the doctor diagnosed with herpes, he can prescribe medication. Anti-viral drug used to reduce symptoms and outbreaks of disease transmission prevention services to others. However, safe sex through condom still be observed even under these drugs.

Get Herbal Medicine

More information on herbal herpes cure is available in Oral Immune Boost, one of the herbal medicine.