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HSV-Zero antiviral herpes medication

HSV-zero: An Effective, Natural Topical Treatment For Herpes

For thousands of years, mankind has used the natural healing properties of herbs and plants to treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Much of modern medicine is based on the use of drugs which have their origins in flora – for instance, aspirin is derived from the bark of the willow tree. The active ingredients in many drugs were originally extracted from plants, then modified and synthesised to produce a wide range of valuable and effective patented medicines that treat and cure a vast number of diseases.

While the beneficial impact of modern pharmaceutical drugs cannot be overstated, it would be foolish to ignore the power of plants and herbs to treat ailments – but, of course, extracts from plants and herbs cannot be patented, so there is little incentive for big pharmaceutical corporations to conduct this type of research since rivals could simply copy the end product.

Nature and Science in Partnership

We have unlocked the power of nature to produce an effective topical treatment for herpes. HSV-zero contains key plant extracts that have been shown in independent clinical trials, conducted by research scientists and clinicians, to kill the herpes simplex virus, suppress viral replication, stimulate the immune system, soothe irritated skin and promote healing.

HSV-zero antiviral herpes treatment is an effective topical lotion for easing the discomfort of genital herpes and herpes cold sores. But HSV-zero is much more than just a soothing herbal ointment.

HSV-zero penetrates deeply into the dermis; its active ingredients kill the herpes virus and inhibit viral shedding, meaning that you are less likely to pass the infection on to your partner. HSV-zero contains plant extracts that dramatically reduce the time your body needs to heal the lesions associated with herpes.

HSV-zero can be used prophylactically to prevent the recurrence of herpes by applying it to the genitals, or other affected area, after showering. The lotion is rapidly absorbed into the skin and starts to work immediately.

HSV-zero’s Secret Is Nature’s Secret

In creating an effective topical treatment for herpes sores, we have taken full advantage of scientific knowledge and harnessed it with nature’s gifts. All of the natural plant extracts used in HSV-zero have been tested in double-blind, controlled studies which are designed to evaluate their clinical effects. In a double-blind trial, neither the subject nor the physician knows which of the volunteers is being treated with the active substance and which with a harmless, inactive placebo – it is the gold standard for drug testing within the clinical research world.

The natural ingredients selected for HSV-zero have been chosen with their demonstrated efficacies in mind. A number of these plant extracts work against genital herpes through multiple mechanisms. The medicinal value of many of these herbs has been known to man for centuries.

Herpes anti-viral properties

  • Apigenin from Chamomile inhibits inflamation and has been shown to have anti-viral activity against the herpes virus. The mode of action may involve inhibiting the transcription of viral DNA.

  • Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) has antiviral properties.  Scientific studies show it to be an anti-viral agent with potency against HSV that offers a reduced healing time (up to 3 ½ times faster) from a herpes outbreak, if used at the outset of the episode. In a multicenter study on 115 patients, the treatment of lesions was commenced between 24 and 72 hours from their outbreak. It was found that the lesions in 87 percent of patients were completely healed within six days of treatment. The time between outbreaks was again prolonged for 69 percent of patients. The average time between outbreaks was 2.3 months with lemon balm treatment compared to only 1.3 months for conventional treatments.  In another trial with lemon balm cream sixty-six patients with recurrent HSV-1 either used the active herbal cream or a placebo four times a day for five days on any herpes outbreaks. By day two, the symptom score was significantly lower for the herbal cream. Lemon balm is believed to actively inhibit the replication of the herpes virus. 

  • Prunella vulgaris is a Chinese herb. Extracts from the herb have demonstrated anti-viral activity against HSV1 and HSV2. It is believed to act by competing with the virus for active sites within cells. 

  • St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is known to have anti-viral activity which is associated with an extract called quercetin and a second component called hypericin. Quercetin also potentiates the healing process of herpes sores; whereas hypericin is also associated with feelings of well-being. St John’s wort has also been used by mankind since antiquity for treating snake bites, wounds, burns and fever.

  • Hesperidin from Citrus Aurantium Clinical studies have demonstrated that Hesperidin combined with Vitamin C may help stop recurrent herpes blisters from forming.  Reduces swelling and inflamation, improves venous tone and reduces capillary hyperpermeability.

  • Bergamot (Citrus aurantium extract) has been used in Italy for hundreds of years to treat a variety of complaints. Also known as bitter orange, it is often used as a soothing agent and skin conditioner and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has demonstrated anti-viral effects against rotavirus infection.

  • Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) oil (Maracuja oil) is used in some natural skin care products for treating dry skin and to nourish the skin. The plant extract has astringent properties.

Herpes virus reproduction inhibitory properties

  • Glycyrrhizin from Licorice root extracts have been demonstrated to inhibit reproduction of HSV-1 in in vitro studies. The mode of action is believed to involve synthesis of interferon which promotes production of proteins that prevent adhesion of the virus to cell walls. Licorice boosts the immune system, helps to heal the ulcers associated with herpes and also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Skin-soothing properties

  • Allantoin from Comfrey root (Symphytum officinale) has been found to heal viral skin infections and ulcers in medical trials.  Allantoin is commonly used in cold sore lip balm medications such as blistex and Neosporin Lip Treatment.  The active ingredient extracted from the comfrey root responsible for this action is called allantoin which is believed to stimulate cell growth. Comfrey root has been used for hundreds of years to promote wound healing and reduce inflammation.
  • Calendula is used for wound healing due to potential anti-inflammatory effects. Topically, calendula is used as an anti-inflammatory and for poorly healing wounds and skin ulcers. Some evidence suggests the water-soluble flavonoids might be responsible for the wound-healing effectsThe faradiol monoester is believed to play an important role in the anti-inflammatory activity. The extract has many valuable properties, but its anti-inflammatory, astringency, anti-viral and antiseptic qualities are why it is included in HSV-zero.  

  • Oat straw extract (Avena Sativa). Modern extraction technology has enabled two types of compound to be separated from certain types of oat plants that have beneficial effects on skin. Avenanthramides have astringent properties and calm the irritation and itchiness associated with herpes sores. The second compound is beta-glucan and is an effective moisturizing agent, helping skin to regain its protective function.

Other Ingredients

All topical preparations need to incorporate a medium, called a carrier, that the active ingredients can be added to that the patient can then apply to the affected part of their body. The carrier for HSV-zero is Dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO).

DMSO is a wood extract. Since it is able to penetrate the skin easily, it is used by the pharmaceutical industry to deliver drugs cutaneously and is also used in some delayed release drug formulations.

However, DMSO is more than a mere carrier: DMSO can be used as a preservative for cryopreservation of cells (e.g. placental cord blood) and acts as an antioxidant and a sink for free-radicals (which can cause cell damage). DMSO is an established active ingredient for the treatment of interstitial cystitis, a condition which involves inflammation of the bladder wall. Whilst it has been used as an inert ingredient in topical herpes treatments (idoxuridine), studies show that DMSO itself has anti-viral action against herpes which is why we chose it as the carrier in HSV-zero.

Our HSV-Zero comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

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