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HSV-Zero+ Plus contains all the ingredients of HSV-Zero, plus epidermal growth factor and keratinocyte growth factor to speed wound healing.

HSV-zero has proven itself to be a popular and effective topical treatment for herpes infections, preventing outbreaks if used before blisters appear, speeding healing once a blister occurs, and soothing any irritation. However, our efforts to bring you the best natural product on the market to deal with herpes have not stopped there. We have produced a new formulation which contains two growth factors that enhance wound healing speed, bringing a herpes episode to an end even more quickly.

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body. It was discovered in 1986, earning a Nobel Prize for Stanley Cohen. EGF helps cells to proliferate, differentiate and survive. It is used in some topical medicines to help ulcerated tissue to heal more quickly. EGF is obtained using molecular biology techniques. Similarly, keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) is involved with the early stages of wound healing and its inclusion helps to speed up the process of healing vesicles and ulcers.

The term “growth factor” is used for historical reasons. Both EGF and KGF are involved in the control of dermal cell proliferation and differentiation. They also play a role in the stimulation of collagen synthesis.

Both EGF an KGF are “natural” products; but unlike the purely herbal basis of the HSV-zero formulation, they must be obtained by high tech microbiology methods which are expensive. HSV-zero Plus offers the benefits of even speedier wound healing than our standard treatment, but because of its high tech components, it is a more expensive product.


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